Artificial Intelligence
Social Media Management

Meet Eev!

The newest addition to our family of tools. Eev combines all our power tools below into a seamless and supportive Cognitive Expert Advisor.

  • Get warnings about situations as they happen!
  • Get recommendations on what to post!
  • Test out new ideas and simulate how your community will react!

And much more. Eev is there to support you.

Supported Platforms

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Skype
  • Slack
  • Email
  • and our custom Web App


Add any Facebook page you want and immediately get your own personalized machine learning model.

  • Smart filtering of comments and postings!
  • Gain insights about the mood in your community!
  • Detect fraud and scams!

There is no limit! Add any tags you want and let the Tagger do the work for you!


No more uncertainty before you post! Fanlens isn't limited to analyzing your fan base, your Tagger models can be used to evaluate your own postings as well.

Enter your post, press Evaluate and immediately know how your post will be received. If you're happy with it you can post it right away or batch it up and delay it until a better time.

Your Ideas Are Our Opportunities!

Fanlens is not only a product. We are a highly motivated and skilled team that wants to solve your challenges! We firmly believe that the only way to stay relevant is by solving real world problems.
Had over to our Enterprise Page and get in touch!.